Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Last Footsteps Here.......!!!!!

It seemed just the other day that I joined here in this city hospital after a long tenure in the rurals. It was a good six years of experience here. Work load was heavy..... with duty holidays.....all thrown into one but I enjoyed every moment of my working hours here though being the imperfect human that I am would sometimes complain of not having time to even catch up with family and friends. Apart from that, we had a good team of doctors in our department and we did our job well. But like all good things that needs to end we knew our postings were due on our cards and finally the day dawned when the transfer order was out. This particular morning I walk through this corridor for the last time taking in the familiar smell of freshly wiped floor and look around as I try to etch all in my memory one last time.
 I walk to my room gather my white coat and leave with all fond memories behind me.
I now have few days in my hand before I proceed to my new place of start another chapter in my life and create fresh memories once again.

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