Sunday, January 31, 2016

My Last Footsteps Here.......!!!!!

It seemed just the other day that I joined here in this city hospital after a long tenure in the rurals. It was a good six years of experience here. Work load was heavy..... with duty holidays.....all thrown into one but I enjoyed every moment of my working hours here though being the imperfect human that I am would sometimes complain of not having time to even catch up with family and friends. Apart from that, we had a good team of doctors in our department and we did our job well. But like all good things that needs to end we knew our postings were due on our cards and finally the day dawned when the transfer order was out. This particular morning I walk through this corridor for the last time taking in the familiar smell of freshly wiped floor and look around as I try to etch all in my memory one last time.
 I walk to my room gather my white coat and leave with all fond memories behind me.
I now have few days in my hand before I proceed to my new place of start another chapter in my life and create fresh memories once again.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mesmerizing Barapani......!!!!!

This is the Umiam Lake about 15 kms away from the city.....also called the Barapani lake , a more familiar name I grew up with..... This was taken a few days back as I was driving down to Guwahati......I was truly awestruck by the sight in front of me.....I simply had to stop the car and spend few minutes in the lap of nature......The sun was up and the warm rays almost seemed to be caressing the lake as the misty gown lifts up.....It was as if Nature had adorned Her child in the best of costume......I stood there soaking in the beauty and with all sorts of emotions brewing up inside me......I consider myself very lucky indeed to be able to capture this mesmerizing sight  and share here on my blog .

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wintry Feel......!!!!

Am back after a while.....the gap is a long one but nevertheless am here today to put in my thoughts . Lately friends have been visiting my blog and that has sort of inspired me to write this today. Though they are all spread far and wide, I wish to show them a glimpse of a morning in my city . One of these days I took these pictures from my balcony. Winter is setting in slowly and after a long drawn monsoon ,a bright clear sky like this on a crisp morning cheers up one and all am very well did to me and the reason why I wanted to share this post here. The scenery from my balcony is always like a motion picture for me. No single moment is the same.....and though this has been a place where I have grown up.....I still feel good to capture it all in my camera and in spite of the concrete jungle around us , its always a treasured moment for me to be able to spend time on my balcony with my favorite mug of tea.

I would try to be more regular here with all the different captures.....thanks my dear friends for visiting here.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Orange Lining.......!!!

I admit I am not a professional where handling a camera is concerned.......but that does not stop me from experimenting with one. I like to shoot various off beat things......and one of my favorite subject is the clouds.....I don't know how my fascination with the clouds started.....may be because I was born in the abode of clouds. I have clicked many a photo graph of the sky and its drifting clouds.....each capture different from the other telling a different story. The other day as I was standing in my balcony I looked up the sky.....grey clouds every where.....a heavy down pour was expected soon....but in few minutes I saw this part cleared and a tinge of orange show up in the evening sky.....immediately reminding me of a ray of hope....even in d darkest moments of our lives hope pulls us through....I never really understood the quote every cloud has a silver lining till I saw this sight and thought I should rephrase it for my self......every cloud has an orange lining.....and with that hope I look forward to a new dawn..... a new day unfolding .

Sunday, May 10, 2015

My short stay at ACERT.....!!!!

One of my main highlights last year was my decision of doing a professional course to upgrade myself....the reason being purely a personal strive to perfection. Sciences have advanced many folds....dentistry too has evolved many folds. As years roll by to keep up with the changing scenario I decided to to go for a course to Kolkata. I chose Kolkatta for two reasons....One its closer home but more importantly I have very strong connections with Kolkata and the slightest chance I get, I always choose to go back to the city I love .....almost like going back to my childhood.So  I choose ACERT , the institute where I was going to do my course.....and believe me it was one of the best decisions I took in recent times.
     I had a short flight and as  I looked through the window I could see the city of Kolkata below coming in view.....I knew not what awaited me but I had boarded with a lot of optimism therefore I looked forward to it.
I met my teacher.....and I started the was a busy schedule but I enjoyed every moment of it.  My teacher was an amazing person and his family became my extended family. It was a home away from home.
I came back enriched and happy with the time spent in ACERT. I look forward to going back some day for a different course. Till then I highly recommend this institute to who ever is interested in upgrading her/himself in Endodontics.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pensive Moods.....!!!!

I was on a short 3 weeks break.....well OK not so short may be....but the fact is that at the end of the day how ever long you choose to take off', time flies and before you know the day is at your door step and duty calls you back.....and when this happens I always go into pensive moods as if its the end of the world and this morning I specially went into one when I came across this particular favorite.....Cappuccino coffee at the airports always depicts holiday time for me.....and I never miss to take a cup whether its work or pleasure trip that I am going through. Travel is one big love in my life after music and books.....and each time I plan a trip my excitement seeps through my face like a happy child going for an ice cream treat. I never forget to thank God for giving me these three loves in my life apart from my family and friends who have touched my life in untold ways.....and if it was not for music, books and travel much as I love and respect my white coat that I life would have been as white and cold... ...but as long as there is Music and like minded friends who enjoy the music as much as me....I will happily sail through till I get to take my next vacation ....till then the pleasure of having cappuccino coffee at the airports will have to wait......and with that thought I start work looking forward for the "Next Time".....!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014....A dedication......!!!!

I feel 2014 just passed away with the blink of my eye......and as we step into the new year I cant help but reflect  on my by gone days.Yes 2014 has truly been a year of friendship for me.....and I guess that's why the year seems to have just breezed through. So as I post my first blog this year , it only seems right that I should dedicate this to my friends who have made 2014 the best year for me.

Today I will thank them all individually without taking names....and each word here comes with all my emotions attached.
Started from January when a call from a distant friend helped me decide on a professional course I wanted to has been so far the best decision that I took in recent times.....and I thank you for remembering my wish and thinking its important enough to make the call even though you have shifted out of my city.
As I left home for the course.....enroute I had my bday and I should specially thank a very special friend who made my day the most amazing was the best bday I ever had....thankyou for making time for me.
A new city.....a new set of routine....but I was all set and ready to start.....I met my guide a remarkable teacher.....I cannot thank you enough sir for making my stay a home away from home.
During my stay I met a long standing friend .....may be 8 yrs or more with whom I had kept in touch through ups and downs.....fights and arguments....but yes we hanged on.....I know how busy you are....thankyou for making time for me.
 And yes you my friend thankyou for making me a part of your family.....I now know I have an extended family in another city.
Not to forget another dear friend who flew in specially for us to be able to meet up. Am truly touched.
But the cream on the cake is taken by my bestest childhood friend....(emotions sometimes over ride grammar)
whom I met after almost 22 have made us forget the time gap but yes we met as in a "Live Meeting". Tears of joy....held us together through my stay
The year rolled by and I was back to my city ....enriched now with the new things I learnt. But friends from all over continued to touch my life in various ways.
My love for music led me to be introduced to some new friends....some awesome people....I treasure you all and I hope in music we shall live and through music we shall create magic in our friendship.  A Big Thankyou.
May each one of you be blessed and stay blessed as this new year roll on......!!!!