Friday, June 26, 2015

Orange Lining.......!!!

I admit I am not a professional where handling a camera is concerned.......but that does not stop me from experimenting with one. I like to shoot various off beat things......and one of my favorite subject is the clouds.....I don't know how my fascination with the clouds started.....may be because I was born in the abode of clouds. I have clicked many a photo graph of the sky and its drifting clouds.....each capture different from the other telling a different story. The other day as I was standing in my balcony I looked up the sky.....grey clouds every where.....a heavy down pour was expected soon....but in few minutes I saw this part cleared and a tinge of orange show up in the evening sky.....immediately reminding me of a ray of hope....even in d darkest moments of our lives hope pulls us through....I never really understood the quote every cloud has a silver lining till I saw this sight and thought I should rephrase it for my self......every cloud has an orange lining.....and with that hope I look forward to a new dawn..... a new day unfolding .

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