Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Tour Around The School-2.....

There are too many pictures i want to share here with all of you........but i am putting up a few .
The first picture is a statue of Our Lady in one corner of the school compound.....We use to come here when ever we had to pour out our agony to Her. One person who i think knew all the secrets of the girls was Mother Mary.

In the Study Hall , we had this huge board showing the world map and on it all the different branches of Loreto around the was a nagging reminder that no matter what , we had to live up to the school's reputation.
The third picture is of the school main bulletin board , where each week the House on duty would put up a theme for the whole week.......this time i saw the kids putting up this to welcome the different branches of Loreto who had come to take part in the school centenary programme.

Well, that's the classic old bell whose ring would remind us of the lunch break......of the last period of the day.....of the end of school session......the 3 mths winter break.......and the most heart breaking of all,the end of our school life......its the same bell that rang then and still rings today......its still kept on the same table.......only time has moved on.
Along the corridors , we had these huge maps fact we had some beautiful model maps too which i could not find this time.......we were made to look at the maps at least once a wonder my geography is... ....(now was ) so good. lol!!!
The last picture is of the Parlour......and straight ahead of that is the chapel...which was another place we visited often specially during!!


Indyeah said...

nostalgi anostalgia nostalgia!
thats all I can say..because reading these posts in a row have made me want to go back to see my school too:))

the pics are beautiful :)
did you click them?:)

nituscorner said...

@ indyeah
thanks. yes i did.

Anonymous said...

lovely pics nitu and interesting read too....well expressed.
ps: i read your old posts and i should say i really envy your friend.i have many friends but none would be like you.keep up your good friendship.

nituscorner said...

thanks. am blessed too.

magiceye said...

a walk down memory lane.. so evocative!

rahul said...

nice pics..reminds me of my school!!

Sue said...

Beautiful! I especially like the photo with the bell on the table. What great memories!