Thursday, June 3, 2010

A "Multi-Tasking"......!!!!

It was hard for me to come back here for some time, but as they say time and tide waits for none.....I had to get back to work and my routine sooner then I felt like specially when I had to attend to this cute fellow "Laika". Laika is my neighbor's dog and he was advised by his vet to take some injections. So "the multi-purpose" dentist was asked to come and give them. I agreed because Laika is a very lovable dog but lately I don't think he fancies me much for what I have to do to him. Today when I went to give him his shot, the moment he saw me , he started crying and went under the bed. I had to really pamper him and asked neelav to click some of his pictures to distract him....only then did he come out and good for neelav he took some extra ones too, so am able to put it up here on my post.
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Lin Floyd said...

oh no, a dentist that gives shots, next you will be delivering!

Rachna said...

You indeed are ventist :). Great job with the dog, though he might not think so LOL

BK Chowla, said...

Great post for pet lovers.
I lost my German Shepard due to an overdose of antibiotics.
Duke is no more.

Anonymous said...

i like the ventist title mentioned above, yes you must be one then and so will there be a Vr or just a V in front of yr name then