Thursday, April 7, 2011

Eddies Sports 2011.......!!!!

St. Edmunds School today had their Annual Sports and its an event that we all look forward. There are various drill displays by each classes starting from the junior most kindergardens to the out going class ten . Its always a pleasure to watch these activities. But personally one particular event that I really like and find very impressive is the handing over of charges by the out going captains to the new ruling ones.Its a very solemn occasion and also very emotional for the out going boys as this would be the last school event for them ......hence a chapter closing in their lifes. From now on its a preparation of dealing with the out side world.
The photo graphs here shows the old school captain handing over the flag to his successor for the 2011 and he is escorted by the different house captains.
Neelav took part too and got a 3rd position for relay...good try for him!!!!


Rachit said...

Even I had fond memories of the annual sports day back in school. :)

soccarman said...

i have been to this school in one of my visits to your city. lovely campus.

Jon said...

I was volunteering for a kids actvity in church...The things that seems so trivial now, really mattered back then...i love it

Rachna said...

School sports days were so special!