Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sacred Grooves....!!!!

Our plan to go for an outing from the hospital came up because of two happenings at that point of time.....first because I changed and got a new car and secondly it also happened to be a birthday of one of our friends from our department. Since every one wanted to take a drive in the car, we thought we could all go out for the birthday treat too.Though I drive and I love travelling, am not a good traveller we chose a place out of the city but close enough for me to chauffer  them.....and so Sacred Groove came up in the plan.
The name Sacred Groove because it is said that the local believe is who ever visits this place had to revere it or else some mishaps could happen.....and indeed we did hear of some bizarre incidents in the past that had happened. We are allowed to visit the groove but visitors are strictly warned not to bring back anything from these woods.
Whether to believe this or not is a matter of opinion , but personally I feel its a great way to preserve nature and also respect the Lord of the jungles. Or else destructive humans as we are......civilization would have also encroached!!!!
The next post hopefully will be able to put up part 2 of this trip.......till then good night.


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