Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cheers India.....!!!!

After that glorious win India sure deserves a toast. It was one of the most thrilling matches I had ever seen in a long long time . Not that am a die hard fan of cricket but when India and West Indies....another of my favorite team plays I do make an effort to watch the match.....and yesterday I reached home just in time to watch India bat.Though the opening I guess did make all of us sit at the edge of our seat.....the end without doubt made us stretch our backs and ease out. I felt all the tension melt down from my body.The feeling I had was the same relief that I felt after I gave my final year viva.....the euphoria was unbeatable.....and as we stood in the balcony of our house, we could hear the people of Shillong join in the celebration and watch the Shillong sky brighten up with the choicest of fireworks. It was quite a surprise because the city of pines was known for its love for soccer....time has changed I guess and cricket has found a place in the people's heart here too.


soccarman said...

yes a truely an amazing win.i am not a cricket fan myself but yesterday's win was every indian's win. congrats to the indian team.

R. Ramesh said...

yesss there were colourful celebrations here in dubai too..hey nice to c this active blog..huggiess..

nituscorner said...

indeed it is.
thanks ramesh.

Rachit said...

yippee... we won/.. we were so close to a win back in 2003 but Australians outplayed us then. But now, it was our turn to show the world that India has changed and beware of the new Indians. Credit goes to Saurav Ganguly for bringing the fresh zeal in the side which was taken onto this height of self belief and motivation by MSD.

BK Chowla, said...

Cricket is Indian religion.

nituscorner said...

@rachit and @bk chowla
we couldnt have better reason to celebrate.

Onkar said...

It is good to know that Shillong celebrated the win in the manner you described. North-Easterners are no less Indians.