Friday, April 1, 2011

My Style of Celebrating......!!!!!

Well my first post this year and I thought what better way to start but write yet again about my favorite obsession....and this time I do have good reasons as to why I added these few pairs to my collection......its my way of celebrating several happenings.....I was reconnected with my childhood friend with whom I literally grew up through mails...and another back from college. We would have gone out and toasted these occasions but as its not possible for the distance , to commemorate such lovely reunion, I had to get these two in honor of each of them. Then of course a friend of mine got married recently...and it was only natural of me to get a new pair for the wedding.....its a different story that because of the distance could not attend it....they say its the thought that counts and I believe in it too. So to celebrate his wedding I naturally had to get two pairs.My extended vacation this time also demanded a new pair. Come on.... I could not risk going with out shoes could I ???. Then of course no prize for guessing the ultimate reason why I simply had to get the rest.....and that was the day after India won the cricket match against Pakistan.It obviously called for a celebration. And celebrate I did......all this in a span of a few weeks. OK! I know I did go a little over board but then I had valid reasons....what do you say ???? But have promised not to look at shoes for the next 6 months.


Rachna said...

hahaha You have a fetish for shoes, girl :). I am not such a sucker for shoes -- 3-4 pairs at any given time suffice for me.

R. Ramesh said...

shoooooooooo....don't disturb..nitu is on a shoe buying spree!!!

soccarman said...

A cute obsession . By the way how many in the collection ????

nituscorner said...

i know i should do something about this....
@ ramesh
thats ok.....i make time for everything. lol.
@ soccarman
thats a question best not